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Doctors Of Physical Therapy Sport Program

Why this program is so important

Injury Prevention

Performance Enhancement

Pre-Season Conditioning

Off-Season Recovery

Athlete Education

Regardless of gender, sport, or position, all athletes demonstrate common movement dysfunctions. Our goal is to assess and correct these inefficient movement patterns in order to enhance performance and decrease the incidence of injury.

By the end of the program, our athletes will better understand their bodies’ mechanics, which injuries they are naturally prone to, and how to avoid such injuries in order to have a healthy, successful career.

What to expect

Comprehensive Movement Assessment performed by a doctorate level physical therapist

Training and education regarding posture, flexibility, mobility, stability, strength, power, endurance, agility, nutrition, hydration, and mindset

Customized programs for every athlete to utilize throughout their career

Program Details

The program consists of 8 1-hour sessions

Athletes will meet at the Naperville North clinic

Contact Meg Rossi, PT, DPT for details

Who We Are

Doctors of Physical Therapy is committed to providing the best physical therapy administered by the best physical therapists. We do this by focusing on one-on-one care, using only evidence-based treatment methods, and hiring the best doctorate level physical therapists from the top schools in the country.

DPT Sports Program is an extension of Doctors of Physical Therapy. A doctor referral is not necessary to participate.

Contact Meg Rossi, PT, DPT!

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DPT Sports Program

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