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Functional Capacity Evaluations

An FCE is a battery of tests designed to investigate, determine, and report the client’s ability to perform work related job demands. At DPT we utilize The Matheson System which established high standards for industry by implementing all scientifically supported tests and measures which have been published and reviewed for validity. We individualize the assessment to the client’s needs and attempt to answer all questions posed regarding vocational needs. Safety, reliability and practicality are practiced diligently throughout the tests.

At Doctors of Physical Therapy, all FCEs are performed by a doctorate level therapist to ensure the highest validity and reliability of the test. There is not a national regulatory board that oversees the performance and standards of FCE assessments. As a result, non health care individuals can attend training courses to gain FCE certification, however this training may only be limited to a few days of lecture and practice. Reliability and validity of an FCE assessment performed by such an individual should be questioned as they may not have the formal, extensive training in health care or in a medical field and may not have the knowledge and expertise to evaluate and interpret tests results with regard to specific medical conditions and disorders. When ordering an FCE, ask for the credentials of the person performing the FCE!