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On Site Physical Therapy Clinics

We provide on site Physical Therapy to companies both locally and nationally and can put a clinic anywhere in the country.  Some of our clients include:

  • A large/national manufacturer of commercial trucks, buses, defense vehicles and engines
  • Global food and beverage company
  • One of the world’s largest processors of beef/pork/poultry
  • A waste water/water reclamation plant
  • Manufacture of single-use food and beverage packaging products, with distribution across the globe
  • A leading beer/spirits distributor
  • One of the worlds largest suppliers of branded office products, and a retail co-op of supermarket retailers.  
  • A custom aluminum, vinyl, and impact resistant house windows, doors and porch enclosures manugacture



On Site Physical Therapy Programs

  • Provide a fully functional clinic within the walls of your business staffed by a dedicated doctorate level therapist
  • Guarantee Cost Program
  • Physical Therapy is reactive.  We focus on the pro-active, the injury prevention!
  • Work hand-­in-hand with the occupational staff, WC staff, and HR to ensure the best possible outcomes for your employees
  • Provide work specific exercises and function specific tasks to take the patient from the out patient rehab clinic to return to work status.
  • First aide management of early stage musculoskeletal signs and symptoms
  • Employee training sessions
  • Stretching and body mechanics/material handling training
  • Maintenance programs for all employees

Why we are different?

  • All clinicians have a doctorate in PT, we don’t utilize physical therapy assistants or any clinician with less than a doctorate degree.
  • The extensive education of our doctorate level therapists reduces our average number of visits per patient by over 38% over industry average
  • Reduced PT visits saves not only PT costs but increases productivity and reduces TTD/lost wages.
  • An on-site clinic reduces absenteeism


  • An on-site clinic means employees won’t have to take hours out of their work day to travel to PT (a soft cost savings)
  • We incur all costs for the clinic, including the equipment.  There is no Capital Investment.
  • We will work with the various Occ Med clinics and top orthopedic doctors to ensure usage and support of the on-site facility
  • We work with TPAs/Insurers to ensure a seamless process.  Our program works for self-insureds, high deductibles, fully insured programs.
  • All treatment notes will go directly to the TPA/Insurer unless otherwise directed


  • An on-site works for companies with 25+ injuries a year, we will be on-site on a part-time basis, it does not have to be a 40-hour a week program unless it is warranted.
  • We credential our clinics to treat employees under group health.
  • We can put a clinic in any U.S. city.
  • The DPT model, ethics and philosophy of focusing on outcomes and getting employees back to work is second-to-none.
  • Physical therapy is one of the leading drivers in workers’ compensation spend, and we guarantee we save our clients money while providing the employees with the best care possible.

We offer an unparalleled on-site physical therapy program.
We have the industry’s most comprehensive industrial rehab assessment tools and on-site rehab solutions from Work Injury Management Solutions.

To learn more contact Marilyn Huber, ARM, AIC, VP of National accounts