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Gena Cardoza-Abrams PT

Ask Gena Cardoza-Abrams

Gena Cardoza-Abrams, PT, a prospective doctoral candidate, is a seasoned physical therapist of twenty years. Having obtained her degree in physical therapy from Tennessee State University, with a minor in health instruction, Gena has developed her clinical skills working in a gamut of areas that include rehabilitation, outpatient, medical, and home care settings. Each has allowed her the opportunity to hone her skills through a smart hands-on and practical approach integrating traditional interventions with the latest treatments for optimal patient outcomes.

Serving as a rehab director for several years, Gena formulated educational and clinical programs that fostered the professional growth of clinicians and staffs which promoted optimal physical and developmental results for patients.

A few of these programs included the development and training of Fall Prevention and Transfer programs for caregiver staff, the creation and implementation of formal restorative and functional maintenance programs to educate caregivers and hand-off of recent rehab patients for facility wide use, and she spear headed the counter proposal to successfully maintain in house comprehensive therapy services, thwarting the efforts of an outside entity to come in and take over. As a lead therapist, she worked on quality improvement projects that promoted therapist efficiencies for all disciplines while maximizing patient outcomes, and promoting community development by bridging the gap with transitioning former outpatient rehab patients to a local wellness center. These programs also included early mobilization of the ventilator dependent patient, utilizing respiratory suctioning techniques under the guidance of the respiratory director in order to decrease the expected patient weaning times. In 2009, she received recognition for mentoring middle school aged children about the importance of education and the profession of physical therapy.

Gena is an active member of the American Physical Therapy Association and a charter member of the newly formed TSU National Alumni Association Physical Therapy Chapter.

Happily married, Gena is the proud mother of two. The family enjoys spending time together, traveling, visiting local parks and the aquarium, and creating fond memories with other family and friends.