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Dr. Tim Rylander VP of Clinical Development, PT, EdD(c), MPT, OCS, CBIS

Ask Dr. Tim Rylander

Dr. Tim Rylander, VP of Clinical Development, PT, EdD(c), MPT, OCS, CBIS is an award-winning therapist and nationally recognized clinical educator. He earned his baccalaureate degree from Eureka College with an emphasis in exercise physiology and cardiac rehabilitation. After years of working in healthcare he decided to pursue his master’s degree in physical therapy from Governors State University. It is at here that Dr. Rylander also earned a post-graduate certification in Conductive Education, and currently holds candidacy status for his doctoral degree of education in social impact/entrepreneurship.

Throughout the years, Rylander has worked in virtually every scope of practice as a physical therapist with a high emphasis on outpatient care. His clinical passion lies in the field of concussion management and complex patient care. He was the creator and instructor for one of Illinois’ first accredited continuing education courses in the field of concussion management. Dr. Rylander brings over a decade of experience specifically in concussion management and has taught hundreds of healthcare providers on the topics of concussion and complex patient management. He is also a national instructor for the Academy of Neurologic Physical Therapy’s official concussion rehabilitation course. Rylander is an avid clinical instructor and has been an adjunct professor of neuroscience in Governors State University’s Doctor of Physical Therapy program for nearly ten years.

Dr. Rylander has contributed to multiple publications including textbooks and research articles. His research has spanned the topics of stroke rehabilitation, concussion management, and learning strategies for physical therapy students. He is constantly striving towards elevating the industry and improving patient care delivery.

As a board certified orthopedic clinical specialist, a certified vestibular rehabilitation specialist, and a certified brain injury specialist Dr. Rylander has an eclectic approach toward his patient care.

He is certified in specialized techniques such as augmented soft tissue manipulation and trigger point dry needling. His treatment philosophy surrounds a model of enablement over disablement and utilizes a positive approach coupled with sound clinical skill to provide excellent outcomes and results.