Doctors of Physical Therapy: 17 Years of High Quality Care

Aaron Kraai, PT, DPT Founder and CEO

Each year on August 4th, I get up early, fill my Grandpa’s coffee cup up with coffee, and just sit and think about how far we have come and hopefully how proud he is of our Company.
17 years ago, this morning, we opened DPT after mortgaging my wife’s wedding ring, my Camry, and my Grandpa co-signing a loan and line of credit.
We opened DPT on the pillars of excellent, evidence-based care provided by the highest quality clinicians to ensure the best outcomes and value for our clients. 17 years later, 75 outpatient clinics, 50+ onsite contracts in 22 states and over 500 team members…those pillars have not changed!
Though many of the people in this picture have a different viewpoint (most now from up above, and my son from outside the womb) I know they are so proud of what we have all built and continue to build.
This is our company and our journey, and I am so proud to stand locked arm with all of you in fighting the good fight!!!
Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.
Here’s to the next 17!