Dr. Mante Baliutaviciute

Dr. Mante Baliutaviciute graduated from Indiana University in 2015 with Bachelors of Science degrees in Exercise Science and Dance. There she was also a part of Kinesiology Club and Physical Therapy club, taking on various executive rolls. She received her Doctorate in Physical Therapy in 2018 from Midwestern University. While at MWU she was enrolled in the Students of Physical Therapy Association and volunteered in the medical tents of the Chicago Marathon annually. Mante is also a member of the APTA and has attended several lectures, including the Revitalize Conference.

Mante’s interest in physical therapy sparked at an early age when she saw the impact a pediatrics PT made on her sister and family, and later when Mante was dancing ballet competitively and required PT of her own. This led to her enthusiasm in working with dancers, helping them gain back the strength and flexibility needed to return to the stage.

Mante says she loves learning about how the body functions, responds to injury, and is able to adapt to various stresses and situations put on it, eventually attaining a higher level of function. She understands the importance of customizing a therapy program to suit every individual’s needs, as every person will come in with different challenges they are facing.

In her spare time, Mante enjoys supporting the arts- including attending concerts, festivals, and museums. She is an avid member of the Lithuanian cultural community. She also enjoys exploring the great outdoors and travelling around the world.
Mante is looking forward to advancing her manual and therapeutic skills while at Doctors of Physical Therapy.