Dr. Rafal Krzyzanski

Dr. Rafal Krzyzanski MPT,MTC is an occupational medicine clinical director for Doctors of Physical Therapy’s on-site clinic with Dart Container in Leola, Pennsylvania.

Dr. Krzyzanski graduated from Academy of Physical Education in Poznan, Poland in 1987 with Master’s Degree in Physical Therapy. During his 28 year career he has been a clinician, director, and mentor to many students from local physical therapy schools. In 2000 he received certifcation in Manual Therapy from University of St. Augustine in Florida. Past four years Dr. Krzyzanski has been trained in Osteopatic Manual Therapy by Dr. Edward Stiles, DO.

Rafal’s treatment phylosophy incorporates injury prevention through finding areas of greatest restrictions, and accordingly sequencing treatment techniques to achieve best outcomes in short period of time.

Rafal enjoys alpine skiing with his family and bicycling. He also plays classical and electric guitar.