Functional Capacity Evaluations




At DPT, we help our patients get better, faster. That means safely and appropriately returning to work more quickly. The FCE, Functional Capacity Evaluation, using OccuPro allows us to do just that.


What is a Functional Capacity Evaluation?

The FCE is a ~4 hour validity test that is performed on an injured worker. The purpose of this test is to determine their current physical ability to work. The test includes reliability and effort testing to ensure the most objective and thorough assessment. 


The FCE can help to determine the injured worker’s physical demand level and their ability to work with or without restrictions. If there are any conflicting medical reports outlining the injured worker’s ability to complete their duties, the FCE can help solve through its objective reliability and validity factors. 


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Why choose DPT for your Functional Capacity Evaluation?



Our FCE Excellence Program


Our DPT team is truly the best of the best when it comes to FCE’s. Our FCE’s are ONLY performed by experienced Physical Therapists and Occupational Therapists, NOT Athletic Trainers or Rehab Technicians, to ensure most objective and accurate testing. 


Team members accumulate >2,000 hours of injured worker experience and have >100 hours specific to FCE training on the OccuPro system. Our goal is always to help the injured worker get back to the most appropriate occupation.

OccuPro for the FCE


Our software choice provides the entire injured worker’s team with clear reports. The system includes:


  • Over 70 validity criteria


  • Visually concise reporting and understandable interpretations


  • Readily-available recommendation sheet outlining specific abilities for safe return to work