Dr. Holly Dybas, PT, DPT

Dr. Holly Dybas, PT, DPT graduated from Northern Illinois University with a bachelor’s degree in health and human science in 2016. She received her doctorate in physical therapy from Northern Illinois University in 2019.

Holly emphasizes quality care by focusing on the impairments that contribute to each individual’s functional limitations, helping her patients return to their daily and recreational activities. She values taking the time to personally connect with her patients to understand their situation and ensure they have a positive and productive physical therapy experience. Holly is specifically interested in manual therapy techniques such as mobilizations with movement and always motivated to study and incorporate the latest research-based techniques in order to provide the highest quality treatment to her patients.

In her spare time, Holly is interested in traveling the world to gain new cultural experiences. She loves spending as much time possible out in the sun. In her spare time, she enjoys reading fantasy novels, spending time with her family, and playing with her dog, Daisy.