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At Doctors of Physical Therapy, we specialize in untangling the web of chronic pain.

Chronic pain is pain in any area of the body that has lasted for more than 3 months. Sometimes it can be the result of a former injury. Sometimes, a specific diagnosis may be associated (e.g., fibromyalgia, allodynia, degenerative disc disease). Chronic pain may even be present without an injury or diagnosis. We know that this pain may be impacting your life physically, emotionally, financially and socially.

We want you to know that you don’t have to accept and live with this type of pain.

At Doctors of Physical Therapy, we carefully look at what is happening in the area of discomfort in the context of what is happening in the whole body. We consider the overall health of your body for the ability to heal. We use a variety of hands-on techniques to help make you more comfortable while we explore what types of movement will help you rebuild your function. Our treatments are designed to address the root causes of your pain, enhance your body awareness, provide avenues to reduce stress, and find new ways to increase your strength and flexibility safely. We always provide you with the information you need to learn more about your body and how to manage your pain. 

We work alongside many excellent professionals to provide you with the medical team approach you may need. Ultimately, our commitment to you drives us to work hard to help find solutions. We stick with you to help you get better, faster! 

Chroinc Pain Therapy DPT

Why Does Pain Occur?

Most chronic pain cases are rooted in the musculoskeletal system, which consists of your bones, muscles, joints, and connective tissues. Any type of pain you experience – whether it’s a headache, back pain, joint pain, nerve pain, etc. – can become chronic if it lasts for three months or longer. Some of the most common reasons why chronic pain occurs are:
  • Overuse Injuries. Your gait, posture, stance, and the ways in which you work or exercise can all take a toll on your body if you are not careful. Overuse injuries are common conditions that develop when part of the body is used in excessive repetitive motions over a period of time. Most overuse injuries occur when improper techniques are used, causing an abnormal strain on the affected body part. When this happens, your joints and muscles can become damaged, thus resulting in chronic pain. Physical therapy can help you learn how to properly move your body in your everyday life, in order to avoid overuse injuries.

  • Accidents. According to a 2016 statistic found by OSHA, workplace injuries happen to approximately 2.9 out of every 100 employees. A study published by the journal Pain also states that 21% of people involved in motor vehicle accidents develop chronic, widespread pain in the weeks following their accident. While this pain won’t go away on its own, seeking the help of a physical therapist can help in alleviating it. Any accident can lead to chronic pain, whether it occurs in the workplace, in a motor vehicle, or even in your own home. PT treatments can help provide relief for any accident-related chronic pain.

  • Surgery. Unfortunately, surgical procedures are sometimes unavoidable. When surgery is necessary to correct a certain painful condition, the recovery period itself may prove to be just as painful. Surgical repair of an area on the body may be enough to correct a structural problem, but we often compensate in our movement for the pain we experience. Weeks, months, or even years of compensatory movement often causes additional pain after surgery, if said movement is not corrected. Physical therapy offers both pre-surgical and post-surgical rehabilitation services that can help relieve pain, speed up recovery time, and reduce the risk of developing chronic pain in the future.

  • Disease. There are a large variety of diseases that can lead to chronic pain, including multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, neuropathy, arthritis, and diabetes. The chronic pain experienced from these conditions can range from dull to severe, but it can be managed or even alleviated completely with physical therapy.

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