Pre and Post Operative Services

Care before and after Surgery

Get Better Faster at DPT

“What will happen after my surgery?” 

“Is surgery for my condition even necessary?” 

“Is there anything I can do to be ready for my surgery?”

At DPT, we understand you may have some questions and even anxiety regarding an upcoming procedure. We work with patients before and after their procedures to ensure a safe, efficient and healthy recovery.

"Prehab" with Us: Therapy Before Surgery

Physical therapy before surgery? Yes! Studies show that therapy before surgery can help relieve pain and build a foundation for a faster recovery. During prehabilitation or “prehab,” your physical therapist will focus on strengthening around the injury site in addition to addressing range of motion of surrounding joints. The goal is to set you up for post-operative success. Prehab can even mean fewer visits after surgery!

After Surgery

Helping you feel comfortable and discussing our approach to your treatment plan sets the stage for your successful recovery. At your first appointment, your therapist complete a thorough examination, explain steps forward and begin working to ease any pain, restoring mobility and building strength in the affected areas. We stay in contact with your surgical team to make sure you are progressing accordingly.


We even offer Telehealth visits in addition to traditional In Clinic treatment for your convenience.

Teamwork Matters

When you entrust your care to us, we work closely with your surgeon and medical team to discuss treatment, inform them of your progress and ensure the safest optimal recovery. From sending notes, to calling, to attending surgeon visits with you, we always make sure your whole medical team is aware of your current status.

Some Procedures from which We can Help You Recover

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