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Clinical excellence and compassionate care–that’s what you can expect from Doctors of Physical Therapy. Every visit means one-on-one, individualized treatment from an experienced clinician. We are the musculoskeletal experts. Whether you’re recovering from injury or surgery or simply addressing a longtime ache or pain that keeps you from optimal function, we’re here to help you get better, faster!

Manual Therapy

Also known as “hands-on therapy,” manual therapy is a specialized treatment performed by licensed physical therapists. 

Chronic Pain

At Doctors of Physical Therapy, we specialize in untangling the web of chronic pain.  

Hand Therapy

Doctors of Physical Therapy’s clinicians include specialists in Hand Therapy who provide exceptional, personalized experiences for all our patients. 

Sports Therapy

From professional MMA fighters to beginning softball outfielders, at Doctors of Physical Therapy, we help athletes get back into the game. 

Work Related Injury

From injury date through “case closed,” we work with our patients to ensure proper healing, best ergonomics, and safest return to work.

Vestibular Therapy

 At DPT we use a multi-disciplinary approach with one-on-one intervention when it comes to treating vertigo and dizziness-related dysfunctions.

The DPT Difference

Quality Care

At DPT, every visit matters; every moment creates an opportunity. Our expert clinicians listen to your concerns and your goals. Working together, we’ll create a treatment plan that works for you in your life. With convenient locations throughout the Midwest, we help you get better, faster!

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We'll match you with a DPT therapist that you will be able to work with for every appointment.

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DPT offers physical therapy in-person or virtually to give you more flexibility with your schedule.

We Help You Get Better, Faster!

With convenient locations throughout the midwest, our therapists will help you get better, faster!

Our happy patients

We’ve helped thousands of people get moving again

With over 25,000+ patients treated across our facilities, we have been honored to be part of our patients’ journeys. We are constantly graced with kind words from these patients.

Kim G.


“Having a Doctor of Physical Therapy working on my injury makes all the difference in the world. I feel as if I am healing so much faster with the hands on technical skill and knowledge of my therapist.”

Matt G.


“The staff was great at explaining the exercises and walking me through them. Klaudia, the Dr. of PT was amazing! She was very kind, a great communicator and pushed me to my limits to help speed up my healing process. Their knowledge on my injury was critical in helping me do the best exercises to heal my injury in the safest, fastest manner.”

Joe W

“Jennifer has helped me with flexibility, strength, and endurance. The procedures she added for me to do at home will continue the progress. I suggest you give Doctors of Physical Therapy a call and visit when you need help. They listen, and they are the professionals.”
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You ask, we answer

Receiving physical therapy can sometimes be intimidating and confusing if you have never needed it. We are here to answer your questions, and if you don’t see your questions listed, please feel free to call!

Physical therapy costs can vary significantly based on factors such as location, the specific treatment required, and, most importantly, your insurance coverage. Some insurance plans cover a substantial portion of the therapy, while others might require co-pays or have deductibles to meet. It’s essential to consult with your insurance provider to get an accurate estimate tailored to your plan and we can also help you to understand any out of pocket expenses you may occur before treatment starts.

Dress comfortably. During your physical therapy sessions, it is important to have access to the injured area for effective treatments and we may request that you put on a t-shirt or shorts that we will have available. However, we suggest bringing your own more comfortable clothes. You should also bring along the following to your first appointment:

  • Health insurance card

  • Photo ID

No, you don’t always need a doctor’s referral to begin physical therapy, thanks to “direct access.” Direct access allows individuals to seek physical therapy services without a prior referral. However, the specifics of direct access might vary depending on your state’s regulations and your insurance policy. It’s always a good idea to check both your state’s guidelines and with your insurance provider to understand the specifics in your situation.

Before your first appointment you will receive a digital intake form to be completed. By completing that before hand, you increase the amount of time with your therapist at your first visit and decrease the amount of time spent in the waiting room completing paperwork. At your first appointment the physical therapist will perform a comprehensive evaluation and the appointment is typically 60 minutes. This will allow your therapist to begin learning about you, your ailment, injury, your physical therapy goals, and develop a customized plan of care. Follow-up appointments typically last 45-60 minutes.

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