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At DPT, every visit matters; every moment creates an opportunity. Our expert clinicians listen to your concerns and your goals. Working together, we’ll create a treatment plan that works for you in your life. With convenient locations throughout the Midwest, we help you get better, faster!

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Physical therapy has been deemed an essential healthcare service by the Federal government and the Department of Homeland Security with the specific function of unburdening the healthcare system from patients that would present to doctors’ offices and emergency rooms with acute musculoskeletal injuries or pain. Our clinics are open and ready to treat you with the highest attention to infection control. Learn More…

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With locations throughout the midwest, our therapists will help you get better, faster!

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      Posted by : Lynn Batalden

      Ankle sprain is an incredibly common injury that most people allow to heal on its own.  In over 800,000 patients who reported for assessment of lateral ankle sprain, only 11% had rehabilitation codes associated with them (2016). So is ankle sprain a cause for concern?…

      What is muscle soreness and why do we even get it??  1. Everyone has experienced muscle soreness at one point in their lives. For runners, it usually happens one or two days after a longer-than-usual run and can be described as achiness, pain, or muscle tenderness felt…

      1. POSTURE The same posture that is taught in everyday life is the same posture used for running.  When you are told to sit up straight, you should straighten up your spine, engage your core muscles. Squeeze your shoulder blades together and keep your head…