Ryan Adams PT, DPT


  • 1054 Milwaukee Ave, Suite 200; Burlington, WI 53105
  • 262-763-7591
  • radams@drsofpt.com


  • Certified in Dry needling (Cert. DN)
  • Certified in Parkinson's Disease (Parkinson's Wellness Recovery PWR!)
  • Certified in instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization through Hawks Grips Specialty
  • Chronic pain
  • Running Injuries
  • Vestibular dysfunction / Post Concussion Syndrome

About me

I like to help work with every patient on the specific goals that they need to work toward through a variety of hands on, educational, and exercise based interventions. I also consider how the patient’s unique strengths, patterns, and weaknesses all play a role in their recovery.


  • UW-Madison, 2010, Bachelors in Biochemistry
  • UW-Madison, 2013, Doctorate of Physical Therapy


I enjoy time with my family to travel and see the outdoors. My wife Ashley and I have two young boys and it is a wonderful experience to see the world grow through their perspective. I enjoy hiking, biking, and running.


I frequently get asked about dizziness and vertigo. This is a common condition. In physical therapy we treat one specific subset of dizziness – vestibular-related dizziness. I think of the vestibular system as this group of organs within the inner ear (the part you can’t…