Union Grove

Union Grove
951 Main Street
Suite 110
Union Grove Wisconsin 53182

Welcome to DPT – Union Grove! Where our clinicians truly help you get better, faster!

From initial evaluation to discharge, our team of expert clinicians always takes time to listen to and address the unique history of your injury and help you set and achieve your goals.  We perform a thorough physical examination to determine what we need to work on, then we help you work through your specific challenges with an individualized combination of hands-on treatment and exercises to achieve a successful outcome.   
DPT Union Grove is located at 951 Main Street, Suite 110, in Union Grove, WI, 53182 – right across from the Hardware Store.
Our team can take on any of your needs – we specialize in instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization, spinal and extremity manipulation, dry needling, posture and body mechanics education and exercise, scar tissue release, and myofascial release.

Our DPT Union Grove Team can’t wait to see you and get you on your road to recovery! Click to schedule your first visit!