Vestibular Therapy


Concussion, Headaches and Vestibular Rehabilitation


Our clinicians can do it all, including treating diagnoses and conditions of the head.

Some of these conditions include concussions and post-concussive syndrome, headaches and migraines, and vertigo.  In fact, research shows physical therapy offers effective, long term, medication-free treatment for a wide range of conditions people don’t often associate with our musculoskeletal expertise. 


What is vestibular rehabilitation? 

Vestibular rehabilitation is a specialty of the physical therapy profession focusing on the treatment and management of vertigo and other associated symptoms of disequilibrium and dizziness, like BPPV (benign paroxysmal positional vertigo). This type of treatment addresses the vestibular system, or “inner ear” which helps you find and maintain your balance. Our team can treat your symptoms and address its cause.  


Can therapy help me with my headaches? 

Headaches come in many forms, such as migraine, tension, and cervicogenic (neck-muscle)-related. Our expert therapists have the skills to determine what type of headache you are suffering from and address the cause, reduce your symptoms, and prevent them from returning. Our team uses various techniques: through manual (hands-on) therapy, exercises designed to increase mobility and improve pain and education that takes a comprehensive approach to movement, environmental factors and lifestyle. 


What do you do in therapy for concussions?

The causes and consequences from concussions are numerous—in fact, only 10% of concussions result from sports injury. Symptoms and recovery time are unique to each patient, therefore every patient suffering from concussion receives a unique, individual treatment approach. At DPT our concussion therapists possess the expertise needed to properly work with those experiencing symptoms following concussion including headache, dizziness, balance, fatigue, pressure, mood and visual disturbances. Our therapists have the knowledge and experience needed to help guide individuals through the process to return to work, play, and all other aspects of life. 


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