Work Related Injury


 Hurt at work? Choose DPT!


At DPT, we understand how important it is to help people get back to work safely and pain-free. From injury date through case closed, we work with our patients to ensure proper healing, best ergonomics, and safest return to work.




DPT partners with employee, employers, case managers, payors, and attorneys to provide a comprehensive program focusing on three main components:


Physical rehabilitation and treatment from a work-related injury including physical therapy, occupational therapy, and work conditioning.



Post Offer Testing, Job Analysis, OnSite safety programs, Company Safety Consultations, and injured worker work modification consult.  



Functional Capacity Evaluation, case consultation, note review, and expert witness   


DPT also provides OnSite Physical Therapy and Injury Prevention Services to companies both locally and nationally. Our on-site and industrial program is second to none. Unlike other programs, we provide our strategic industrial partners a dedicated, licensed physical therapist who provide all services.


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Learn more about Physical Rehabilitation for the injured worker!

Our evaluation, assessment, and treatment of the injured worker are a step above the rest and include the following: 


Understanding the patient’s ability to perform work-related activities 


Education in pain management, pain science, and activity modification

Individualized treatment plans to meet work-related expectations


Personalized home exercise programs


Potential transition to work conditioning


Constant communication with the entire team as needed